"Hoard of antique Times-Picayune newspapers ends up in Ninth Ward"

Hoard of antique Times-Picayune newspapers ends up in Ninth Ward

By Doug MacCash, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

"Joseph Makkos, an antique newspaper enthusiast who lives in the Ninth Ward, has a collection of hundreds of Times-Picayunes that date from 1888 to 1929. The story, reported by New Orleans writer Micheal Patrick Welch, appeared in the online version of the Columbia Journalism Review today (Jan. 2). According to Welch, Makkos acquired his inky treasure of 30,000 T-P sections for free via an online ad. In a photo that accompanies the story, Makkos is surrounded by 6-foot stacks of vintage newspaper pages carefully rolled in museum-style tubes. At one time, the papers were the property the British Library, where they survived Nazi bombing during World War II.

According to Welch, Makkos is mining the old papers for ads and illustrations that he plans to reproduce using old-fashioned printing methods."

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